• Studied Medical Science at the University of Vienna,, MD equivalent 
  • Trained as psychotherapist in humanistic and depth psychological methods 
  • Residency in General Medicine at Salzburg University Hospital 
  • Thirty years MD for Psychotherapeutic and Psychosomatic Medicine at Salzburg University Hospital’s units for Pediatric Surgery and Children’s Intensive Care 
  • Twenty-eight years lecturer at the University of Salzburg’s Psychotherapy Program
  • Own psychotherapy practice since 1989
  • Author
As human beings we are curious, always searching. Our problems are often rooted in the unconscious. The better we know ourselves the better life we can live. Deeper self-knowledge can help dissipate our own symptoms and, in addition, help us understand and appreciate others.
Therapy is a microcosm in which we are on a journey to find ourselves.
I am looking forward to accompanying you on this journey.
My own journey as a psychotherapist began at the same time as my medical studies.
The focus in psychotherapeutic education was in humanistic and depth psychology. During my medical residency I started my own practice as a psychotherapist.
After my residency I continued working as a physician for psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic medicine at Salzburg University Hospital’s units for Pediatric Surgery and Children’s Intensive Care. 
Much of this time I intensified my studies in children’s psychotherapy and trauma therapy.
My time was dedicated to working with severely sick and traumatized children and their families.
It was not always easy. However extreme situations bring about creative energy and with this energy we are able to overcome existential problems.
In my office I work with adults, couples, children, teenagers, and families covering all issues. When working with adult it is important to converse, with children it is important to play and be creative.
To integrate the unconscious forces in us we must find a way to personally express them. I am looking forward to supporting you with different creative outlets. 
With the use of biofeedback I am able to encourage self-awareness and self-efficancy  and self-reliance which is especially important for young people.
The costs of therapy can be partially reimbursed. The amount depends on insurance coverage.